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What is Christmas?

Greta wandered about the brightly decorated halls and smelt the sweet scents that perfumed the air.  Yuuri's new holiday sure seemed to brighten the end of the year and, if Greta might say so herself, it seemed to make the winter nights just a tad bit warmer. The soldiers were starstruck at first when Yuuri first teaching them the songs that went with this holiday, but now the little princess could hear them humming them oh-so-naturally when they took their breaks these days or even during their night watch.  Truly it was a lot less scary walking in the halls at night towards the kitchen because music could be subtly heard at all times.

Now if only she could find one of her dads to explain how this holiday started, so she can go to Gwendal's office later and tell all the stuffed animals the story.  They would think she is very smart indeed.  

First she would try the training grounds to look for her pretty-boy papa.


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Location: Blood Pledge Castle Library
Date/Time: December 11th, evening
Status: Open to all
Warnings: None

...Well. This was turning out to be a wonderful day.

Wolfram sighed, realizing that he'd just read the same paragraph three times in a row. He slammed the book shut in annoyance, glancing out the window as the sunlight was just barely beginning to fade. Yuuri would be about done with that silly game right about now, and he should probably consider getting up to go hunt him down. He'd refused to go out and subject himself to the cold, even to watch, when there was far more important things that could be done. Yuuri was such a slacker sometimes.

As for himself... well. It certainly wasn't his fault that he wasn't out training when his men wanted to go down and observe the game too. Yelling at them did no good, because they were distracted, their lack of urgency gone with the peaceful times upon them. So he'd finally dismissed them and went off on his own for the time being.

When he heard someone approaching, he stood up from his favorite spot by the window, his gaze wary until he can find out who it could be.

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Location: Outside the castle at the baseball field
Date/Time: December 11th, afternoon
Status: Open to all
Warnings: None

Gisela appreciated her king's desire to bring the sport he loved in his own world to his new one, but she was afraid that the appeal of the game itself continued to escape her. Some of the soldiers, ever eager to please their king, had taken to practicing in the winter chill in hopes of surprising everyone with their proficiency in the spring. This had led to an increase in injuries and an increase in Gisela's work to the point where the healer had taken it upon herself to supervise the training sessions just so everyone would be on their best behavior. Baseball, however, was apparently terribly boring to anyone not actively competing and she was beginning to wonder if her life would be more pleasant if she just let the men get hurt.

She'd committed herself to watch today, however unfortunate that decision was turning out to be, and was huddled in her winter uniform and coat on the "bleachers" that the king had insisted were a necessary part of the experience. If it was warmer, she would have read a book or taken a nap, but instead she had no choice but to watch the field and wince. It was a long time before she noticed that she had company.

Idle Hands

SHORT MOD NOTE: This first arc is just to get things rolling. No pressure to advance plot or anything, just business as usual in the castle. Use this time to get used to your characters and the game and have fun before we start unleashing plot.

Location: Blood Pledge Castle, Gwendal's office
Date/Time: December 11th, afternoon
Status: Open to everyone
Warnings: None

For the moment there was peace. The borders were secure, the people were happy, and the only work to be done was the usual mediocre paperwork stamping and report reading. If nothing else, having a king who seemed allergic to actually ruling meant there was little new policy to enact or enforce. Gwendal was content to let Yuuri shirk responsibility for a while (he deserved some reward for saving the world, after all), but sooner or later things were going to have to be done.

Unfortunately, allowing the king his leisure time left Gwendal with more time on his own hands than he knew what to do with. The maids wouldn't let him clean, he'd run out of furniture to rearrange, reading didn't make him look busy enough and allowed anyone to interrupt him with trivialities, and taking up a new hobby was generally just asking for trouble. Thus, he was sitting at his desk knitting for the fifth day in a row. His intent was to make a sweater, but whether or not he would succeed was greatly in doubt.

It was almost enough to make him long for the days when the country was falling apart around him. Even now he secretly wished the door would come flying open, heralding urgent news and a crisis to avert.
If only he had that sort of luck...

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Location: Blood Pledge Castle, baths
Date/Time: Dec 10, evening
Status: Open to all!
Warnings: n/a

Yuuri wiped steam from the bathroom mirror and stuck out his tongue to mock his own reflected face. Black eyes, black hair in wet clumps on his forehead... even now, Yuuri didn't see how he was special. Sure, he was the sovereign of a largish country and he'd managed to free a four thousand year old spirit from the clutches of evil... but he hadn't really done that much, and he'd had a lot of help. Gwendal and Gunter still handled most of his royal duties, and despite Conrad's best attempts to instruct him in swordsmanship, Yuuri wasn't much better than a beginner (as Wolfram delighted in reminding him). In his mind, he was still an ordinary high school student - it was still hard for him to believe that the people of Shin Makoku had been so happy when he'd returned. As weird as it was, it made him feel sort of good. Running a country was a lot harder than he had thought, even if he was still kind of a trainee Maou. He was looking forward to a proper Japanese-style bath (meaning that the water was hot enough to parboil a chicken) The heat kept fogging up the mirror, though, so he again swiped it clear to check his hair for any remaining shampoo.

People said he looked different when he was using his Maou powers... longer hair, narrower eyes. Yuuri squinted at his reflection and tried spiking his wet hair on top of his head, but it just made him look stupid. "It is not my desire to spill blood, but I cannot allow this injustice to go unpunished!" he said in his deepest voice, striking a dramatic pose. "I will defeat you!" Oh yeah, that was cool. Yuuri grinned. So why weren't hot girls fighting each other for a chance to go out with Shin Makoku's #1 eligible (but slightly engaged) bachelor?

Without warning, the bathroom door creaked open. Yuuri let out a small yelp and grabbed for a towel to wrap around his waist. "Hey, who's there?"

Game start December 10th!

Attention, players! We've got a pretty good cast assembled now, so we're going to start the game on Monday, December 10th! (That's tomorrow! Yaay!) Of course, there are still a few important vacancies, so if you have any friends who might be interested, please let them know! ^___^

Welcome To The Game!

Start Date: TBA

Information and applications are at kyoukaramod.

Once we've filled most of the major roles, the game will begin! Let's all look forward to playing together!